SageMC Rules
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Minecraft Server Rules:
1. Lag Machines are not allowed.
2. Damage to other people's property is not allowed.
3. Spamming commands and in chat is not allowed.
4. The use of hack clients is not allowed.
5. Advertising for other servers/instances is not allowed.
6. Showing inappropriate behavior is not allowed.
7. Extensive use of WorldEdit including TNT is prohibited.
8. Inappropriate Skull, Skins, Usernames and Structures are not allowed.
9. Sharing personal information about yourself or others is prohibited.
10. Be patient when you ask the Team.
11. You must always show Respect to every player/staff member.
12. Using bots/physical autoclickers or other systems to gain an edge over others is not allowed.
13. Duplicating items / blocks is not allowed.
Discord Server Rules:
1. Spamming in channels is prohibited.
2. Posting links is prohibited.
3. Posting inappropriate messages is not allowed.
4. Sharing personal information about yourself or others is prohibited.
5. Creating private discords is not allowed. (Also for your own theme parks).
6. Advertising in status or DM is also not allowed.
7. Wait your turn when you need a staff member.
8. You must always show respect to every staff member.
9. Do not ask for support in DM.
10. Do not tag staff members.
11. We may use all photos that are placed in the discord channels for social media and other purposes, this has been indicated for some time with the other channels, so also applies to earlier photos.
Information we store:
1. E-Mail Address.
2. IP Address,
3. Minecraft Name.
4. Minecraft UUID.
5. Chat Histories.
6. Activity data in-game and on the website.
7. Other personal data that you send, in our chat resources.
8. In-game activities.
9. Payment Details

Persons who have access to your data:
1. Server Owners
2. Server Manager
3. Server Team Members
4. Server Hosting, where data is stored and hosted.

Where is it kept?
All data is stored on our Minecraft Servers and Discord services. In special channels and in special folders that only the above people can access, to prevent privacy violations. This data will be stored forever. When requesting personal data, you can send an email to [email protected], you can view the above list for general matters.

Will my data be shared with another agency?
No, data remains with our services. And will not be distributed or shared for payment. As a result, it is also not possible to request other people's data, and you must be able to prove that the account in question is really yours.

Can my data be shared with someone if my account has been taken over or no longer has access?
This is possible but at your own responsibility, that you keep your login details for services outside of Mojang and Discord private.

Can these conditions still change?
That can happen, you will receive a clear notification in our Discord and you will have to accept in-game again with the terms and conditions.